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Hammock Chairs & Hammock Swings

Descriptions of Hammock Chairs & Hammock Swings:
Our hammock chair and hammock swing have a softer feel and are more weather durable than similar cotton hammocks. And the materials have the added advantage that they will not rot, mold or mildew. The spreader bar is tropical hard wood with multiple coats of marine varnish to protect it against the elements. We use quality materials and provide ample dimension combine to make this hammock chair the most comfortable seat in the indoor or outdoor.
1. The cotton or polyester materials optional.
2. The hardwood spreader bars constructed of solid oak for premium durability and strength, are triple dipped in marine spar varnish to lengthen life.
3. Hammock comes complete with superior constructed hardware, includes zinc-plated steel hanging hardware for tree installation. Heavy-duty zinc-plated hardware resists rust.

Advantages: Specifications:
1. 10 years of manufacturing experience with ISO 9001 certification Materials: Polyester, Cotton
2. Independent R&D and design capability Hammock Colors: Optional
3. Standardized production processes, stable supply and buyer label offered Package: Polybag and Carton Box
Note: Please Download PDF Files or Contact US for More Details: info@hammocks-china.com

Rope Hammock Chairs

The firm weave of the cotton rope or polyester rope will give you snuggle in with utmost relaxation and comfort. The hardwood spreader bar provides incredible support and stability to the hammock.

YNRHC-001 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-002 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-003 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-004 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-001 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-002 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-003 Rope Hammock Chairs
YNRHC-004 Rope Hammock Chairs

Fabric Hammock Chairs

This hammock chair is made of cotton and polyester fabric for maximum comfort. The included hardwood spreader bar keeps this hammock sturdy and able to withstand up to 100kgs. Hang this on a hammock stand or tree for both indoor and outdoor use.

YNFHC-001 Fabric Hammock Chairs
YNFHC-002 Fabric Hammock Chairs
YNFHC-003 Fabric Hammock Chairs
Hardware Accessories of Fabric Hammock Chairs
Hardware Accessories

Quilted Hammock Chairs

YNQHC-001 Quilted Hammock Chairs
YNQHC-002 Quilted Hammock Chairs
YNQHC-003 Quilted Hammock Chairs
YNQHC-004 Quilted Hammock Chairs
YNQHC-005 Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs
Quilted Hammock Chairs

Maxtech is a professional manufacturer of hammock chairs and hammock swings in China. We provides customized hammock chairs and hammock swings manufacturing service according to design drawings or customer requirements. We focus on manufacturing stable and high quality hammocks then shipping products to North America, Europe and around the world. Our company has good cooperation with customers in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Australia and other more than 20 countries. Our experienced team of project managers, engineers and QA specialists to manage manufacturing projects and ensure product quality from demand to delivery.